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Our photography workshops are one, two or three week journeys spent travelling around the world with our reporters giving you the chance to live in a group of journalists and create exclusive reportage. It is a unique experience, and as well as teaching you the tricks of the trade in photo journalism, you will see the world as never before.

One thing’s for certain – every journey with us is one-of-a-kind. Because at Reporter’s Life, we don’t take the beaten path. With us, get ready to expect the unexpected. Lack of organisation? Certainly not! All of our trips are carefully planned based on our reporters’ experience...


Our trips (a maximum of 8 participants per workshop) are open to everyone over 18 years of age. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take part. The most important thing is to join us with the right spirit.

passion and technique

All of our trips are accompanied by our reporters and professional photographers who will welcome you to their troop and share with you their tricks of the trade.

your reportage

The challenge we set to our workshop participants is to complete a reportage – like a real group of journalists – that will be published in the online magazine, Kiss From The World.

the reportage

Haiti | reportage di Domenico Pacifico

reportage Dian Fossey's gorillas

Dian Fossey's gorillas

Here I am on the Congolese border. Congo is waiting for me in this cold and humid dawn.

Me and the others are off to the Virunga National Park, all boxed in the car, two hours of road ahead of us.

Tension sets in as soon as we’re divided into groups. Each one will look for a different family of gorillas. The rangers give us some useful advice and then we’re off, backpacks on, cameras ready. The long trek begins.

After crossing a huge valley on foot among cultivated…

Congo | reportage di Elena Bellini

reportage A good Heart

A good Heart

The alarm went off pretty early today. Time to wake up. People are waiting for me at Shisong’s Cardiac Centre. Bij, a 7 year-old little girl, is about to undergo surgery.

I enter the locker room and wear scrubs, a white coat, mask, and clogs. I have everything with me. The chance to witness an open-heart surgery firsthand won’t happen again. I take a deep breath and enter the OR.

Surgeons and assistants are coming and going, getting ready for the surgery. The room is freezing cold, I…

Cameroon | reportage di Elena Bellini

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The world of a reporter that is open to everyone

TAKE PART in our exclusive workshops and live the experience of a reporter.

You’ll be part of a group of journalists.
You will have a mission to complete: create and publish your reportage.
At any cost!

free to…

Free to come with us even if photography isn’t your passion!

If what you’re interested in is a journey that takes unusual paths, and gives you the chance to have incredible, first hand, experiences, you are not obliged to create a reportage.

the reporters

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Domenico Pacifico
Elena Bellini photo
Elena Bellini
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