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Free to come with us even if photography isn’t your passion!

Creating a reportage isn’t an obligation, it’s a choice. If photography isn’t your passion, you can still be part of incredible, first hand, experiences.

When experiencing a special, never to be repeated, moment, both the storyteller and the observer feel the same thing – the desire to capture the moment – whether it’s inside themselves or with a camera.

Travelling with a group of journalists gives you the chance to observe people who observe others. Which makes things doubly interesting. You’ll experience an array of images and stories, as told by photographers, cameramen, reporters and travel enthusiasts.

You'll choose what your role during the trip will be. You might decide to soak up places, colours, atmospheres and meetings your own way, taking photos, and assisting the group with everything, some things, or nothing... whatever you choose to do, you'll still be part of the group, and you'll get to live the Reporter's Life experience to the full. Don’t forget that our purpose is to enter into the spirit of the places we visit in the most authentic way possible.

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The world of a reporter that is open to everyone

TAKE PART in our exclusive workshops and live the experience of a reporter.

You’ll be part of a group of journalists.
You will have a mission to complete: create and publish your reportage.
At any cost!

free to…

Free to come with us even if photography isn’t your passion!

If what you’re interested in is a journey that takes unusual paths, and gives you the chance to have incredible, first hand, experiences, you are not obliged to create a reportage.

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