Haiti | reportage di Domenico Pacifico

reportage Dian Fossey's gorillas

Dian Fossey's gorillas

Here I am on the Congolese border. Congo is waiting for me in this cold and humid dawn.

Me and the others are off to the Virunga National Park, all boxed in the car, two hours of road ahead of us.

Tension sets in as soon as we’re divided into groups. Each one will look for a different family of gorillas. The rangers give us some useful advice and then we’re off, backpacks on, cameras ready. The long trek begins.

After crossing a huge valley on foot among cultivated…

Congo | reportage di Elena Bellini

reportage A good Heart

A good Heart

The alarm went off pretty early today. Time to wake up. People are waiting for me at Shisong’s Cardiac Centre. Bij, a 7 year-old little girl, is about to undergo surgery.

I enter the locker room and wear scrubs, a white coat, mask, and clogs. I have everything with me. The chance to witness an open-heart surgery firsthand won’t happen again. I take a deep breath and enter the OR.

Surgeons and assistants are coming and going, getting ready for the surgery. The room is freezing cold, I…

Cameroon | reportage di Elena Bellini

reportage Fragments of India

Fragments of India

I’m in Calcutta, waiting for the night train that will get me to Bhubaneswar. The night is hot and humid. People pile into the passenger car, which resembles a freight train car. The bunks are even worse and the windows have bars to prevent ransacking.

Bhubaneswar is located in the state of Orissa, a rural land, as ancient as the ethnic groups that inhabit it.

On the train ride my thoughts go out to Calcutta and the days spent there, exploring such a different world. Chaos reigns…

India | reportage di Elena Bellini

reportage Donga: fighting for courage and manhood

Donga: fighting for courage and manhood

We’ve been driving through the Omo Valley for many days now and we really feel like we’ve been thrown into the past. Every person we meet, every village, every ethnic group looks like it belongs to an indefinite, faraway time...

Our jeep is chewing up the kilometers. Suddenly, we see a large group of people that look very upset, shouting and pushing one another.

We pull over and walk towards the huge dust cloud raised by all those naked, restless feet.

What we see is…

Ethiopia | reportage di Elena Bellini

reportage Mali on the road

Mali on the road

It’s my first time visiting this beautiful land, and every single time I end up spellbound. Scents, flavors, vibes, people. Every time I see new shades and make new discoveries.

I’m in Bandiagara, the Cliff of Bandiagara, an impressive rocky spree that rises about 500 meters above the sandy plateau.

The archaeological, ethnological, and geological characteristics make the Bandiagara escarpment one of West Africa's most impressive sites.

Several peoples such as the …

Mali | reportage di Elena Bellini


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