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“The world gives me thousands of images, ideas, and emotions with every passing moment. I slip into a special place in time and space to steal something from the world – something incredible, unique, and that cannot be duplicated – something that has changed that instant into eternity.

Men, women and children from all over the world that I have had the fortune to meet have all left me with something. And it is with great humility, the humility that is the only way for me to go, that I interrupted their daily lives. Just for an instant.”

Born in 1974. A freelance photojournalist. 16 years of travelling around the world to understand, discover and learn. The “road” is the only experience that really counts, casual encounters are the most important, dangerous moments are the most exciting. These sensations are so powerful that the “normal” existence you go back to safe and sound seems almost disappointing.

“We will never be able to possess eternity. It is for this reason that a get I sense of melancholy at every shot, as if that moment that just passed had already been lost, lost forever. That’s why I ask a lot of my photography - I want to be able to pass on to others the emotions that I have felt.

So photos can become a bridge that unites people with moments, sparking continuous interactions across the world. And images that I have momentarily frozen can, through my photographs, come to life in the soul of the observer.”


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