“My photography is about spontaneity; it’s capturing the moment, it’s reading faces and souls. My job isn’t just about studied techniques, it’s the result of an encounter between the world of “the other” and the world of my emotions”.

Elena Bellini, 39, is a professional photographer specialised in travel journalism. She has been travelling the world with passion for years, on the insatiable hunt for places, faces, flavours, smells: sensations that only last for a moment, but that Elena captures and recounts through the filter of her emotional experience.

“A good photographer acts with humility in the face of everything, they never feel as though they have “made it”. Photography is an endless search. It’s about catching fleeting moments, building on past experiences, and constantly experimenting with techniques and content.

“As a photographer, I have to know how to see what is before me, but I can only truly see it if I lose myself in the cultures and traditions that I meet. That way, I manage to open a door to something special – which I hope transpires in my photographs. It’s difficult to appreciate the essence of things if you’re distracted, you have to “be there” on a profound level”.


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