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workshop: create YOUR reportage

Our workshop will teach you how to invent, plan and create your own reportage. You’ll learn the techniques on how to construct your story and make your visuals stand out, and then together we’ll select, organise and edit the images.

The workshop program will be set in line with each participant’s level of ability.


Writing your story – interviewing and editing techniques

In a reportage, the story is everything. It’s an exciting part of the process, and anyone can learn by following a few small rules and understanding how to strike the right balance.

Doing a filmed interview well isn’t easy. You’ll need to learn the art of questioning as well as the art of getting interesting answers. And how to do it all at a quick pace. Usually, preparing for the interview is key – but how can you do that with unplanned meetings, which, in journeys like ours, are constant? Leaving things to chance is definitely not what we advise.

We’ll cover all of these things in the workshop, as well as going into depth on video and audio editing. Not so much from a technical point of view, more how to choose scenes, and set the pace and sequence. Editing is a much more creative part of the process than you might think. What’s the ideal length? What about the structure? How do you create opening and closing sequences?

Even though we won’t be in a classroom, the workshop will teach you all you need to know about our favourite journalistic format: the reportage.


N.b. Creating a reportage isn’t an obligation, it’s a choice. If photography isn’t your passion, you can still be part of incredible front line experiences.


workshops: techniques

Technique or instinct? Good photos all contain different elements, but one thing is for certain – all of us, when we capture a moment, let our personalities shine through – and we communicate in our own unique ways.

The path of growth that every photographer takes, even non-professionals, includes the understanding of theory, but above all the ability to use the that theory in the most apt moments – a skill that is developed with experience.

During a Reporter’s Life workshop, we’ll experiment together on these ideas: we’ll explain the necessary techniques – in the important places and moments that we’ll experience – and together, we’ll learn how to read situations and understand their potential, to refine your perceptiveness and enable you to add your own style to your reportage.

During our journey, we won’t have classroom lessons – it’ll be the road that dictates what we do. In fact, if it is the case that we have a predefined program, it’ll be even more true that we can’t predict how situations will play out – therefore you’ll have loads of opportunities to practice rapidly and effectively capturing situations as they present themselves.

Experts or beginners, you’ll all receive the right amount of training.

Below, you’ll find a list of the technical aspects that may be addressed during your workshop. We’ll select them spontaneously during our excursions based on the situations that we encounter.


photography: basic and advanced course

    • Camera (components and maintenance)
    • Objectives (types of objectives, lens, focus, aberrations)
    • The shutter
    • Focal distance
    • The diaphragm
    • ISO sensitivity
    • Reading the light
    • The flash
    • Rules of exposure: from basic to advanced
    • Exposure programs
    • What is depth of field?
    • Focal points: rules, tricks, secrets
    • White balance
    • CCD, CMOS sensors and pixels
    • RAW format and JPG format
    • Framing techniques and advanced arrangement concepts


reportage techniques

    • Documentary photography
    • Memory photography
    • Photographing nature
    • Photographing The Other
    • Photographing art
    • Black and white
    • Colour
    • The relationship with the subject
    • Equipment
    • Techniques
    • Capturing a fleeting moment
    • News
    • The job of the photo journalist
    • Working manually
    • Photographing against the light
    • Choosing a subject
    • Motion shots
    • Night-time photography
    • Panoramic photography
    • How to archive photos on your computer
    • Pricing, ownership, copyright


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The world of a reporter that is open to everyone

TAKE PART in our exclusive workshops and live the experience of a reporter.

You’ll be part of a group of journalists.
You will have a mission to complete: create and publish your reportage.
At any cost!

free to…

Free to come with us even if photography isn’t your passion!

If what you’re interested in is a journey that takes unusual paths, and gives you the chance to have incredible, first hand, experiences, you are not obliged to create a reportage.

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